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Sunset: 7:30 PM

Personal Training, Personal Attention

With personal training, maximize your work out,
learn form, technique and more.

Park View’s personal training begins with an all-important consultation where goals are set and methods to achieve them. Then, a comprehensive program is tailored to your needs. Park View trainers are experts and have the training and resources to help you reach your goals. Personal Training - Pull ups

Whether it’s conditioning, bodybuilding or even post-natal or post-injury training, your trainer will be there every step of the way. One-on-one training or semi-private (two persons signing up together) available.

Download Personal Trainer Bios.

1/2-hour session

New: Convenient, 30-minute private sessions
(1 session): $30 R/$35 NR
(3 sessions): $80 R/$102 NR
(5 sessions): $125 R/$165 NR

One-hour session

(One-on-one): $47 R/$55 NR
(Semi-private, cost for two): $64 R/$69 NR

Three, one-hour sessions

(One-on-one): $140 R/$162 NR
(Semi-private, cost for two): $181 R/$197 NR

Five, one-hour sessions

(One-on-one): $217 R/$254 NR
(Semi-private, cost for two): $291 R/$318 NR

Multi-, one-hour sessions
For Park View members only

10 Sessions: $424 R/NR
15 Sessions: $615 R/NR
20 Sessions: $800 R/NR

The Mundelein Park & Recreation District is a proud IAPD/IPRA Distinguished Accredited Agency 
(learn more).

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