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Park View Health & Fitness Center - Specialty Classes

Great Options for Group Exercise
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Choose what works for you. There's cardio, aqua fitness, cycling and more. Here are just a few:

Group Training
A group class with a personal training feel. Uses free weights and cardio/weight training machines.

Core Combo
Focuses on your core area with pilates fundamentals and movements.

Total Body Conditioning
Helps Increase your energy and let you go beyond aerobics by cross-training in a
classroom setting. Combines muscular conditioning and cardio for an all-in-one workout.

Group Pilates
Designed to increase awareness by using your body’s center as the foundation of movement.
Mat exercises help elongate and strengthen muscles, for a long, leaner look.

Get fit and healthy with this unique, Latin American music-infused program. A great way to get and stay in shape with music as your guide.

Indoor Cycling
Ride flats, hills, jumps and sprints with proper warm up and cool-down stretches.

H2O Fitness
Let the water condition you through buoyancy, drag and resistance. Reduce impact to
your body and help increase range of motion. Core stabilization and balance work included.

Aqua ROM
A low-intensity water class that focuses on range of motion, strength, balance, and functional movement. For individuals that are post-rehab, pre/post natal or have joint difficulties.
No swimming required -- your head stays DRY!

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