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all-inclusive playground project

All-inclusive Park project for Kracklauer Park

exciting News

In January, 2024, Mundelein Park & Recreation District received the OSLAD Grant, a matching grant, for Kracklauer Park. This means the project is now fully funded. Thank you so much for your support. Construction will begin in 2024. We will be posting project updates  as the  construction gets underway.

Learn more about the grant.

Rendering of the plan for the Inclusive Park at Kracklauer

playground features Slideshow

  • Ball Maze Panel feature for All-Inclusive Playground concept for Kracklauer Park
    Ball Maze Panel feature for All-Inclusive Playground concept for Kracklauer Park


Introducing the All-Inclusive Playground Concept for Kracklauer Park

What is an all-inclusive Playground?
An all-inclusive playground is an open safe space carefully designed to promote play among children of differing abilities, ages, and communities. It gives children with and without any disability the same platform to play while breaking down barriers, both physically and socially. It is an intergenerational initiative that impacts many people in the community, such as people with disabilities, veterans, seniors, and families. Not your typical playground; an all-inclusive playground has specific design structures to allow people in wheelchairs or with other devices to access features.

Benefits of an all-inclusive playground.
An all-inclusive playground has many benefits. It can increase physical activity to help fight childhood obesity. Children will gain confidence and increase self-esteem when they master an activity unavailable on a traditional playground. The playground’s multisensory experiences help build a child’s brain more quickly, and the unique play structures allow children’s imaginations to grow. Outside activity helps to boost mood, reduce stress and increase happiness. Children build social skills and friendships when playing together. An all-inclusive playground brings people together, creating a sense of belonging. It is a free activity and an opportunity for parents, grandparents, or caregivers to engage with children through play.

Why build an all-inclusive playground in Mundelein?
Building an all-inclusive playground in central Mundelein allows people with disabilities and seniors access to a playground in their community that they could use, eliminating the need to drive to another town. This all-inclusive playground will be located at Kracklauer Park, in the center of the Village, and two blocks from Special Recreation Association of Central Lake County (SRACLC). It is an opportunity for our Mundelein community to “all play together.” Active living and creating a healthier and safer environment are positive drivers for a community, and the playground’s unique features are fun for everyone.

Stories from the community

Alex’s Story

The Cantú Family story

Alex Bertucci making a donation

On July 5, six year old Alex Bertucci visted us with a surprise. Alex asked for donations for the All-Inclusive Playground instead of gifts for his 6th birthday! Alex and his friends helped raise $110! Alex’s generosity brings us closer to realizing a park where everyone can play. Thanks Alex!

Make a Difference…Donate Today

Mundelein Parks Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) organization. All donations are 100% tax-deductible to the extent of the law. Contact Ron Salski, Mundelein Parks Foundation President, at 847.388.5460 for more information.

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