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Group Ex Class Descriptions

Whether you’re interested in losing weight, toning, strengthening, or increasing energy, we have programs to help you reach your goals. Simply select any combination to suit your needs.

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All Class Levels

No time. No excuse. In this 31-minute circuit class, you will visit 5 stations. Each station will focus on sculpting a different muscle group with a variety of equipment. The transitions will give you just enough time to recover and prepare for a new task.


A 30 or 45-minute interval workout that focuses on your midsection and lower body. Move at your own pace as the instructor guides you through strength drills and bursts of aerobic training.

Get in your zone as you ride to energizing music in a low-lit room. The instructor will keep you motivated while you adjust resistance, play with speed, and change body positions on the bike.

Using the resistance created by the water, you can increase muscle strength, build endurance and reduce the impact placed on the joints during a land workout. Not to mention reducing stress and decreasing anxiety in a fun atmosphere.

Strengthen and tone every major muscle group with the help of balls, bands, dumbbells, and more. The instructor will include options to accommodate all ability levels and help you reach your fitness goals.

Using the same principles created by Joseph Pilates during the 20th century, you will complete movement patterns that will promote body alignment, core strength, and muscular balance. The perfect complement to any workout routine.


The unique blend of Pilates, boxing, and dance will strengthen your muscles, improve your balance and increase your cardiovascular ability. The non-stop intervals will leave you feeling motivated and will make the class time fly by.

A fiercely fun dance fitness workout including pop, rock, and hip hop music. You’ll be right on count after the steps are previewed in the warm-up. Reward your hard-working muscles with a yoga-inspired stretch to finish the class.

Take time to center yourself while increasing strength, stability, and flexibility. A variety of poses will be presented in each class to refine your practice. Props are available to assist with more difficult poses and increase comfort (Yoga Express: 45 min. All Level).


Nothing gets your heart racing and muscles pumping like a fitness dance party. Step, slide, and shake your way through a variety of Latin music with help from your certified instructor. You will have so much fun that you will forget you are working out.

Step into a therapeutic environment. The water will alleviate pressure on injured or weak joints. During this class, you will increase your strength and endurance in a cool and carefree environment.

Promote active aging by keeping your joints happy with the help of bands, balls, and lightweights. All activities will be low to no impact. Strength, balance, and flexibility exercises are included to improve your quality of daily living.


Take the fitness dance party down just a notch to create a great cardiovascular workout for active adults. Latin music and instructor enthusiasm will inspire you to let loose as you improve balance, coordination and range of motion.

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