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Exterior of Mundelein Facility


Park Rules to Remember

  1. Parks are open daily, dawn to dusk (unless otherwise posted)
  2. Be courteous to others sharing your parks
  3. Supervise children at all times
  4. Leave nature as you found it for others to enjoy and dispose of litter in proper receptacles
  5. Dogs must be leashed and pet owners/walkers must clean up after their pet
  6. Golfing is permitted only at Steeple Chase Golf Club
  7. Vehicles must park in designated areas and stay on roads and driveways
  8. Vehicles left after closing will be towed at the owner’s expense
  9. Report any vandalism to the Parks Department, 847.388.5463
  10. Alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, and vaping products are prohibited

Sharing Your Parks

Throughout the year, remember to share your parks safely. Please watch your speed, stopping and signaling when driving around park zones. The Illinois General Assembly Law has established special traffic protections while passing parks and recreation facilities and areas. The Mundelein Police Department may issue tickets on and/or near Park District properties to individuals who violate traffic laws.

Care for Your Parks

Preserve the natural beauty around you. Please don’t climb trees, cut branches, pick plants or flowers, or approach animals or their nests. Dispose of litter properly.

Safety is a Priority

MPRD recognizes that safety is a top priority for all who visit our parks and facilities. We place an emphasis on safety to ensure that you, as park and facility patrons, have a safe, fun experience. To ensure your parks and facilities are as safe as possible, we need your help. If you see or hear about something that may be unsafe, i.e. broken playground equipment, an animal hole by an athletic field, or anything else that you feel may be hazardous, please call us at 847.566.0650.

Mundelein Park & Recreation District

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