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Century and 1/2 Century Ride (Ages 18+)
Complete 100 miles (50 miles 1/2 Century) with motivation from forward motion rides featuring some of the most recognized routes in the world. With a few competitions and races along the way, you will reach your goal as a team ! Led by Dawn Blough and Lisa Sullivan. (5 & 10 wks)

FREE! IC6 Cycle Bike Refresh
If you missed the introduction of the IC6 cycle bikes, now is your chance to join in. Members and nonmembers are invited to demo a class on the most accurate bikes in the world. Registration opens 9/18 for members and 9/25 for nonmembers. Led by Certified Cycle Instructors.

Intro + Demo classes are designed for participants who are new to the IC6 bikes.
Intro + Ride classes consist of bike setup, console features, and a 30–40-minute ride.
FTP Testing will challenge your cycle strength and estimate your race pace. (For riders who have spent at least 4 months on the ic6 bike.)

Prog Format Day Date Time
0138.25.3 Intro + Ride M Oct 2 5:10-6 pm
0139.25.3 FTP Test T 3-Oct 6-6:30 am
0140.25.3 FTP Test W 4-Oct 8:30-9 am
0141.25.3 Intro + Demo W 4-Oct 5:30 – 6 pm
0142.25.3 Intro + Ride TH 5-Oct 6-6:50 am
0143.25.3 Intro + Ride F 6-Oct 8:30-9:20 am
0144.25.3 FTP Test Sa 7-Oct 7:10-7:40 am
0145.25.3 Intro + Demo Su 8-Oct 9-9:30 am
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