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Adult Culinary Programs

Registration opens August 14.

Making Bread with Brewers Grain (18+)
Ready to elevate your bread–making skills with a fresh twist? Dive into the world of artisanal bread with us! In this hands–on workshop, we’ll guide you through crafting the perfect loaf using specialty grains typically associated with crafting beer. Discover how these grains can add unique colors, flavors, and even a hint of spiciness to your bread.Join us for a delightful journey as we explore various bread recipes, showcasing the versatility of specialty grains. During the 3–hour session, you’ll get to sample a variety of breads and learn essential techniques for achieving bakery–quality results at home.
As a bonus, you’ll take home your very own sourdough starter and a proofing basket to continue your bread–making adventures. Plus, you’ll leave with freshly baked bread to enjoy later. No prior experience required – just bring your enthusiasm and a love for delicious bread! Registration Deadline: September 23.  Held at Dolan Recreation Center (Formerly Dunbar Rec Center)

Prog Day Date Time R/NR 
0211.33.3 Sa Sep 28 10 am – 1 pm $75/90

Latest Trend! Fermentable Foods (18+)
Curious about the health benefits of fermented foods and eager to try your hand at making them yourself? Look no further! Dive into the world of fermentation with us in this interactive workshop. Discover the fascinating science behind fermentation and its myriads of flavors as we guide you through hands–on demonstrations. You’ll learn just how easy it is to incorporate fermented foods into your diet and why they’re so good for you.
During the class, you’ll have the opportunity to make your own fermented delicacies, and best of all, you’ll take home jars of your creations along with all the essential supplies to kickstart your fermentation journey at home. Join us for an enlightening and tasty experience – no prior knowledge required, just a willingness to explore and experiment with new flavors. Held at Dolan Recreation Center (Formerly Dunbar Rec Center)

Prog Day Date Time R/NR 
0212.33.3 Sa Nov 2 10 am – 1 pm $70/90

Intro to Cheese (18+)
Join us for a hands–on introduction to cheese making! In this exciting class, you’ll learn how to make soft cheeses from scratch. Get ready to stretch, tug, and shape your very own Mozzarella while discovering the secrets of crafting other soft cheeses in under an hour. Class includes snacks, samples and good times. Don’t miss this opportunity to dive into the art of cheese making—register today and elevate your culinary skills! Held at Dolan Recreation Center (Formerly Dunbar Rec Center)

Prog Day Date Time R/NR 
0213.33.3 Su Oct 20 10 am – 1 pm $45/54

Gourmet Date Night: A Culinary Experience for Couples (18+)
Indulge in a romantic culinary adventure with our Date Night Cooking Class! Together, create a fresh Autumn Salad with seasonal vinaigrette, a sumptuous Roasted Duck Breast with Cranberry–Chipotle Glaze, Herbed Wild Rice, and Roasted Brussels Sprouts, and cap it off with decadent Spiced Bananas Foster. Perfect for couples seeking a memorable, hands–on dining experience! Price is per person and each person needs to register.
Held at Dolan Recreation Center (Formerly Dunbar Rec Center)

Prog Day Date Time R/NR 
0214.33.3 F Nov 8 7-9 pm $65/72
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