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Just for Tots

These are programs for toddlers that don’t fit into other categories.

Tot Time (Ages 0–6)
Calling all energetic tots! Come run, jump, skip and play while making new friends in Tot Time! The Dunbar Recreation Center Gym will be open for free play with an assortment of toys and a small bounce house. Get that energy out, play, and build socialization skills. Click to register.

Park Club (Ages 0–5 yrs)
Each week we will meet at a new park and begin with park play, followed by fun stretches, a group walk, and a picnic! This is a great way to meet new parents, and allow your little ones to meet new friends and build relationships while getting some exercise and fresh air. Led by Claudia Oster. Click to register.

Kind Club (Ages 2–16)
Practicing and showing kindness to others is the building block for a better world. In this unique program, we will do something KIND for a loved one, someone in need, or simply to bring a smile to someone’s face. Activities may include, making cookies for a neighbor, delivering donuts to cops, reading to rescue dogs, volunteering at a farm, or running a toy drive. One week before Kind Club begins an email will be sent with all the activities and the locations. A Kind Club shirt will be provided for each participant to wear during class and around town to promote kindness! Led by Kelli Schillaci. Click to register.

Here are a few other classes we offer for babies and toddlers.

Dance Classes Just for Tots

Movin’ with Music: (12–36 mos/adult) is a class for our littlest dancers! Parents and their little ones will explore music and movement together. Sing, dance, and shake your sillies out with developmentally appropriate wordplay, activities, and rhythms. Parents or caregivers will participate with their toddler. Led by Mundelein School of Dance Staff. Click to register.

Ballerina Princesses: (3–5 years old)
Come dance like all your favorite princesses while learning basic ballet skills. Dancers can wear ballet attire or dress as their favorite princess. Pink ballet shoes preferred. Dancer must be toilet trained. Click to Register.

Swim Lessons Just for Tots

Parent & Baby (Ages 6-17 months), and Parent & Tot (Ages 18-36 months) : An instructor will guide you and your baby/tot in games and activities engineered to teach respect for the water as well as how to play safely and have fun. Required: One adult in the water with a child, swim diapers, and tight-fitting pants or swimsuit. Click to register.

Preschool Learn to Swim (Ages 3-5): Designed to develop a high comfort level in the water and a readiness to swim for children ages 3–12. For those that are developmentally ready, it will teach functional swim skills. The main subjects covered include trust and submersion, body position and air recovery, forward movement and direction change, rotary movement, and integrated movement. Click to register.

Baking and Cooking

Breakfast Club (Ages 2–6 w/adult)
Have your child learn how to start each morning off on the right foot in Breakfast Club! Each class will begin with a fun workout, followed by making a yummy breakfast to enjoy while working on soothing activities. Led by Kelli Schillaci and Claudia Oster. Click to register.


Zumbini (Ages 0–4 w/adult)
The Zumbini program combines music, dance, and educational tools for 45 minutes of can’t-stop, won’t-stop bonding, learning, and fun! Led by Claudia Oster. Click to register.

Pequenos Exploradores (Ages 6 mos–4 yrs w/adult)
This class is for little explorers that like to play through visual development, movement, textures, scents, and music. The combination of water, colored pasta, and edible paint will help your little ones with social and physical skills. All little explorers should have started on solid foods. Dress for a mess! Led by Claudia Oster. Click to register.

Little Spanish Club (Ages 1–5 yrs w/adult)
Come dance, sing, read, play, explore and learn, all while practicing some Spanish in between! Laugh, socialize and bond with local parents and little ones and create some lifetime friendships. The teacher is fluent in English and Spanish. Led by Claudia Oster. Click to register.

Sports Just for Tots

Adult & Tot Gymnastics (Ages 2–3 w/adult)
Toddlers can develop body awareness, balance, flexibility, and coordination while having fun doing gymnastics. Parents assist with skills in a safe and caring environment. Click to register.

Adult and Tot T–Ball Training (Ages 2–3 w/adult)
Adults can enjoy America’s favorite pastime with their children. Young children will develop motor skills while having fun throwing, catching, batting, and base running. Adults and their little athletes will enjoy making new friends and working together to learn the basics of game playing in this exciting class. Click to register.

Multi-Sport Mania (Ages 3–6)
Let’s play! Your child explores the wide world of sports as they participate in a different sport each week, such as t-ball, soccer, basketball, and Nerf football. Children get a lot of practice with skills through creative and fun drills and games. Don’t miss out on the fun! Click to register.

Adult & Tot Soccer (Ages 2–3 w/adult)
Adults will enjoy time with their toddlers learning the skills, moves, and joy of playing soccer. Emphasis will be on the basic skills of soccer in a fun and relaxed environment. Age-appropriate drills, games, and equipment will be used to help the tots learn, and develop motor skills, coordination, balance, listening, and social skills. Click to register.

Lil Pint Soccer (Ages 3–5)
Kick in some excitement with this instructional program perfect for the first-timer. With the use of smaller-sized soccer balls, players will learn the basic skills of dribbling, passing, shooting, and goaltending. Instructors will work with participants on good sportsmanship, participation, and teamwork. Led by Sports R Us Staff. Click to register.

Little Kickers Skills & Games (Ages 3–6)
This program is designed to teach the fundamentals of soccer to prepare your child for league play. Basic soccer skills such as running, kicking, passing, and goaltending will be covered. The first half of every class will focus on skills development and the last half of every class will be dedicated to playing games to enhance the skills that have been learned.  Click to register.


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