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Arts & Crafts

Art History Club (Ages 4–13)
Little Strokes of Genius presents art history workshops. The mission is to spark an interest and lifelong passion for art in every child. Our lessons are based on the techniques and styles of history’s great artists. Your child’s creativity will flourish in our fun and relaxed atmosphere. Led by Diane Capasso. $45 residents/$49 nonresidents

“Neato” Romero Britto
Thursday, Feb 9, 3:30–5 pm

Bring it on with Cezanne
Saturday, March 1, 11 am–12:30 pm

Collage with Carle
Thursday, April 13, 3:30–5 pm
Saturday,  April 15, 11 am–12:30 pm

Art Club (Ages 5–13)
This class aims to inspire creative thinking in your child while boosting their skills in many art media. In our class, we explore painting, drawing, watercolor, collage, and even clay. Led by Stacee Kalmanovsky. Click to register.

Expressive Art Club (Ages 5–10)
This course will include a new concept of art, new mediums, and new experiences. We will introduce more alternative approaches to traditional art making, as well as focus on the mindfulness of creating rather than the end result. Led by Alyssa Monaco. Click to register.

Bracelet Club (Ages 7–12)
Participants will learn how to make threaded and knotted friendship bracelets to wear or give to friends. Each child will make four bracelets. Supplies included. Led by Alyssa Monaco. Click to register.

Sew Cute Club (Ages 7–13)
Join us in our new ‘sew’ cute sewing club! Participants will learn to thread sewing needles & learn different hand-sewing techniques while making fun projects. Led by Kelli Schillaci. Click to register.

Craft Club (Ages 7–13)
The instructor will lead students step-by-step in creating projects that can be displayed in their homes with these semi “mature” pieces. Led by Kelli Schillaci. Click to register.

Crochet Club (Ages 13+)
Want to learn a new, fun hobby? In this beginner crochet class, you will learn the basics of all things crochet! Learn how to use a hook and yarn to create a series of interlocking loops that will make up a patterned fabric. Completed projects will include a spring garland and cup koozie. Led by Molly Uhl. Click to register.

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