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Note: Age ranges may vary depending on the time of year the program is offered.

Tiny Tot Multi-Sport Mania (Ages 2–3 w/adult)
Sign up for your little one for the ultimate first-time sports experience! Each week adults will assist their tots as they play a skill-building sport, improve listening skills, and learn how to follow directions. A variety of sports such as soccer, t-ball, basketball, and kickball will be explored through fun games and partner play. This is a great opportunity to get active with your child in a positive and controlled setting. Led by SportsKids Inc. Click to register.

Adult and Tot T–Ball Training (Ages 2–3 w/adult)
Adults can enjoy America’s favorite pastime with their children. Young children will develop motor skills while having fun throwing, catching, batting, and base running. Adults and their little athletes will enjoy making new friends and working together to learn the basics of game playing in this exciting class. Led by SportsKids Inc. Click to register.

Soccer and T–Ball (Ages 3–4 w/adult)
This class is perfect for little ones who are full of energy and parents who are looking for an introduction to t–ball and soccer. Socialization, teamwork, following directions, key motor skills, and having fun will be the focus in this non–competitive environment. For the first three weeks of class, we will focus on soccer and for the second three weeks, we will work on baseball skills. Games will be played at the end of each class. Led by Sports R Us Staff. Click to register.

Multi-Sport Mania (Ages 3–6)
Let’s play! Your child explores the wide world of sports as they participate in a different sport each week, such as t-ball, soccer, basketball, and Nerf football. Children get a lot of practice with skills through creative and fun drills and games. Don’t miss out on the fun! Led by SportsKids Inc. Click to register.

T–Ball Skills & Games (Ages 3–6)
Let’s play t–ball. The focus of this program will be on helping your child to enhance batting, throwing, catching, and base running skills. The first two weeks will consist of skills training sessions to introduce the participants to the program. The last four weeks will be dedicated to enhancing these skills through drills and game play. Our fun approach is a great way to expose boys and girls to teamwork and sportsmanship as we help young athletes to discover the excitement of competition while learning the basics of America’s favorite pastime. Remember to bring your glove. Led by SportsKids Inc. Click to register.

Go Girl Go Sports & Crafts (Ages 4–7)
Our popular girls summer camp is now a weekly class! Life is tough, especially for girls trying to make it in the world of sports. This camp is a great way to introduce basketball, soccer, hockey, t–ball, and much more in an all-girl environment. Basic skills in all sports are taught, and games are played at the end of each class. The girls will do sports for the first half of the camp and do a fun craft for the second half. The last class will be a fun sport of their choice and will tie-dye a T-shirt. Led by Sports R Us Staff. Click to register.

Baseball Fundamentals (Ages 5–12)
This program is for working on the fundamentals in the game of baseball. With an emphasis on the fundamentals, hitting, throwing and fielding will be covered each day. Our staff consists of coaches and former players knowledgeable in the game of baseball that can help improve and challenge everyone to become better players in this instructional, fun setting. Players of all skill levels are welcome. Led by Park District Athletics Staff. Click to register.


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