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track & field

Track and Field

Check Rainout Line for class cancellations.


Tot Track and Field (Ages 3–6)
This unique class will combine stretching, movement, and other fitness concepts with running, jumping, throwing, and other skills used in track and field. Children will work on body coordination, agility, balance, and self-confidence. On the last day, they will participate in a fun-filled track and field meet. Led by SportsKids Inc. Click to register.

Youth Track and Field (Ages 7–12)
This class will teach kids about track and field, one of the oldest sports that continues to grow and is highlighted by the Olympics every 4 years. Boys and girls will learn the jumping, running, and throwing skills involved in the sport of track and field. They will practice sprints, relays, long-distance walking, running hurdles, long jump, discus throw, and other track and field events as well as participate in a fun-filled SportsKids track and field meet on the last day of the class. Led by SportsKids Inc. Click to register.



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