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Volleyball Fundamentals 101 (Ages 7-10)
The Volleyball Fundamentals 101 class practices essential skills like passing, setting, and hitting through fun games and activities. Participants will enjoy this positive environment while engaging in friendly competition and improving their knowledge of the game. Led by EXACT Sports.

Jr. VolleyKidz USA (Ages 10-13)
Improve your volleyball skills with 90 minutes of drills in setting, passing, overhand serving, and spiking. The lesson plan directs the use of individual training, pairing drills and game situation development that help each student reach a new level. Instructors organize short games at the end of each class The lesson plan incorporates leadership and educational components. Led by EVP Academy Staff.

Jr. Volley Series Match Play (Ages 10-13)
Interested in playing volleyball with other volleyball athletes with skills to compete against other teams? Then our Volleyball Pro will develop a team and bring parity to the weekly instruction to prepare match-PLAY. The coaches’ lesson plan will guide the team in weekly training for 90 minutes. At weekly practice the teams will learn team defense and offense positions while they improve on their fundamentals of passing, setting, spiking, and overhand serving. This is a 4-week program that meets once per week for 90 minutes.

Advanced Volleyball Skills & Drills (Ages 11-14)
The Advanced Volleyball Skills & Drills class focuses on mastering fundamental techniques like serving, passing, setting, and hitting. Athletes will engage in interactive activities and receive exposure to game-like scenarios. They will participate in fun and friendly competitions each week to develop confidence and improve teamwork. Led by EXACT Sports.

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