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Chess and Games

Chess Camp Club (Ages 6–12)
Join Chess Wizards this year for challenging chess lessons, exciting tournaments, fun, team activities, and more! If you’re brand new to chess, we’ll teach you the basics and get you playing right away. If you’r e a seasoned checkmate artist, we’ll show you new ways to let your creativity show on the chess board. Led by Chess Wizard Instructors. (8 wks)


Chess Basics (Ages 8–15)
Sign up for this 3-hour class on the basics of chess because it’s more than just a game— it’s a brain-boosting adventure! Kids learn the fundamentals of strategy, critical thinking, and decision-making in a fun and engaging way. Chess isn’t just about moving pieces; it’s about predicting your opponent’s moves, planning your own strategies, and sharpening your cognitive skills. By mastering the basics of chess, kids can enhance their problem-solving abilities, boost their concentration, and develop patience and resilience—qualities that are essential both on and off the board. Plus, it’s a fantastic way to make new friends and build camaraderie while engaging in a timeless game loved by millions worldwide. So, join us for a thrilling journey through the basics of chess – where every move counts and every victory is a triumph of the mind!

Prog Day Date Time R/NR 
0199.33.2 Tu Jun 11 1-4 pm $65/78


Chess Camp—Elevate your Summer! (Ages 8–15)
Immerse yourself in the strategic world of kings and queens at our thrilling Chess Camp. From budding beginners to seasoned strategists, this intensive program caters to all skill levels, offering a dynamic blend of instruction, practice matches, and friendly competitions. Dive deep into the intricacies of openings, mid-game tactics, and endgame mastery under the guidance of experienced chess coaches.
Whether you’re sharpening your skills for tournaments or simply seeking mental stimulation, our Chess Camp promises a week of excitement, learning, and strategic triumphs. Join us and make your move towards chess greatness! Our camp offers team games, recess, snacks, tournaments, and puzzles. Every camper gets a T-shirt, trophy, and puzzle folder. We provide all materials. Elevate your summer with Chess Wizards! Elevate your Summer with this exciting week! Instructed by Chess Wizards. (1 wk)

Prog Day Date Time R/NR 
0200.33.2 M-F Jul 8-12 12-3 pm $262/290


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